Okolí Sušice

Sušice was probably founded in 11th century. You may learn more the history in the Museum of the Šumava, where you can also see the exhibitions about match industry in Sušice and glass industry in the Bohemian Forest. There is a big mechanical picture of the Nativity. The Museum is on the square where is one of the biggest town hall in the Czech Republic.

In Sušice there are also many monuments such as - kostel sv. Václava, kostel Panny Marie, klášter sv. Felixe, kapli Anděl Strážce či pietně opravený židovský hřbitov.

The memories in the close surrounding Rozhledna Svatobor, Hrad Rabí, Hrad Kašperk, Hrad Velhartice a Horská synagoga Hartmanice.

Some other events in Sušice, which you shouldn't pass:

Slet Ježibab

It's an event held by Gymnázium Sušice always in 30th April. After a witch-hunt the sabbat continues in the Santos island.


The traditional student festival also held by Gymnázium Sušice

Sušické slavnosti

It's a several-day festival held to the beginning of a tourist season. There you can see many musical and dancing groups. During the festival there are held some others events.

Šumava Rocks

One of the most important event in the surrounding which is held in the middle of July.

Náměstí Svobody 167

Sušice 342 01

+420 608 844 105

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Apartment 1 . . . . . . 350 CZK/person per night

Apartment 2 . . . . . . 350 CZK/person per night

Apartment 3 . . . . . . 350 CZK/person per night

Between 15 June and 15 September, an additional 20% seasonal fee is charged.

One night's accommodation will be charged for 400 CZK per person.

Accommodation is located on the historic town square Sušice, Šumava, in the 1st floor with views of downtown and the river Otava, bringing to Sušice piece Sumava Mountains.

The total capacity of our accommodation in Šumava is 12 persons.