Accommodation Šumava, Sušice

The accommodation is situated on the historic square of the town of Sušice on the 1st floor of the house with the view of the city center and the Otava River, bringing the piece of Šumava to Sušice.

Total capacity is 12 people in a 4-bed apartment with extra bed, a 3-bed room and a 4-bed apartment, which is in a separate building. The both buildings are newly restored. On the ground floor there is a fast food establishment of Mc Vítek.

Due to its location - the square - there are all civic facetilities to hand.

The parking is in the back of the house in the court where the entrance to the apartments is. The apartments are 50 m away from the bus station, 2 km away from the railway station and there is also public transport link available.

Náměstí Svobody 167

Sušice 342 01

+420 608 844 105

+420 607 951 975

Apartment 1 . . . . . . 340 CZK/person per night

Apartment 2 . . . . . . 340 CZK/person per night

Apartment 3 . . . . . . 340 CZK/person per night

One night's accommodation will be charged for 380 CZK per person.

Accommodation is located on the historic town square Sušice, Šumava, in the 1st floor with views of downtown and the river Otava, bringing to Sušice piece Sumava Mountains.

The total capacity of our accommodation in Šumava is 12 persons.